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5 Mistakes To Avoid In Designing Your Website

Updated: Sep 3, 2019

1. Cluttered Up Design

Design is everything on a website. If your website looks shabby with uneven edges and rough-cuts all over the place, you turn off your visitors immediately. These are the kinds of things that make me close the tab as soon as I see the banged up site. Heck, I'll shut down the entire browser. Take your time to properly choose all the aspects of your website's design; from the color pallete, to the layout of its divisions and even to the fonts. Have a fixed collection of fonts for your site's content so that you don't end up overdoing the word design's variety. Get your themes straight. Color clashing on a website is a thing. With the billions of sites on the internet, you need to stand out and the only way you can do this is by getting fundamental things like site design right. Check out our comprehensive piece on design for in-depth help. Let's get to work people.

2. The Amount of Content

This aspect of websites gets pretty little attention but it's now becoming clear just how wrong everyone is to have neglected it. When you've created your site, search engines like Google crawl and index it. The chances of Google's Indexing Algorithms classifying your site as a trustworthy one are significantly higher when you have just enough content on your site. Words. Too few and your site will look like a bunch of ad banners and a string of titles. Too many and you won't get a clear message out to web searchers on the results' page of the search engine. The key here is to be concise and clear; explain what you do and why you are the right option for a potential customer to consider. Make it as natural and conversational as possible. Amount and quality go hand in hand; you don't want to sound like a robotic assistant with little capacity to appeal to human emotions. Get it right.

3. Keyword Stuffing

As a new business or brand, you may be in dire need to get word out about you and why your special. You want as many people as possible to see you. Notice your site. So you followed a misguided manual for a quick, shady Search Engine Optimization fix. And into the rabbit hole you plunged.

Keyword stuffing tops a list of wrong SEO habits you should never try and you can read all about that here. Site owners make this mistake by getting the bunch of key words they want a search engine to notice them for and dropping them all over their site, even in unnatural places, where it just doesn't make sense. Just stuff them all in as if your site's a thanksgiving turkey. Maybe this strategy could have worked 10 years ago, but today, Google's not going to be fooled as easily. Stuffing keywords shows Google's algorithms that you are most likely a spam site full of redundant content. Somewhere its searches should probably not go. This is how you'll end up shooting yourself in the foot. Get blacklisted by Google. Never be indexed. Get negative optimization. You don't want this happening to your site.

4. A Messy Mobile Version

(If you have one in the first place, that is)

Smartphone penetration everywhere is off the charts. 63.94 percent of the global mobile phone population use their phones as their main access point for web browsing as of February 2019. From a user base of nearly 3 Billion smartphone users in the world today, it's clear to see that web users on a computer aren't the norm, they are the minority. This is why not having a mobile version of your site is as big a blind spot for your brand as you'll ever have in this day and age. Even for the sites that have dedicated site iterations for their mobile users; most of them are under-designed and unoptimized for a good browsing experience on a 5-6 inch mobile phone touch screen.

You all don't have to wonder why all your visitors desert your site the minute they see it. It's clear that most of the time and effort you put into designing your site should be for your mobile site, and not your desktop version. This is not to say that your desktop version should be ignored and unmanaged, the key here is striking a balance between both versions of your site, for a memorable experience to all your visitors no matter how they're viewing your site.

5. An Unremarkable Domain Name

What's in a name? Rather, what's in a domain name?


First impressions are hard to get over, especially if their the wrong ones. Your domain name is your chance to make a good first impression on your users. They've made the search for something you do. Okay. They've noticed you and your site. Wonderful. Then they see the domain name. It all goes south from here. Having a domain name that looks like it was randomly chosen is a bad way to start your relationship with your customers, that is, if there is a relationship after your name flop. Collections of numbers or phrases that are not related to what you do are all bad ideas for a domain name. Unless your brand is based on you as an individual, it should never be your name. Think long and hard about what you want your domain name to be but be sure to check if its available from the provider you'll buy it from. You can check out useful info on choosing a domain name or buying one here. Name away.

There you have it folks. Steer clear of these mistakes for the sake of your site's rep online.

Always remember; you're website is your only chance to make a lasting first impression on your customer online. Don't blow it. Your marketing starts now. Good luck.

We've got a lot more to say about how to make your website the best it can be from more posts below.


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